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Should college students be tested for AIDS? Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


It was a general essay on the topic of 'Should college students be tested for AIDS?'


Should college students be tested for AIDS?
In these modern times, where most of the teenagers lose their virginity at a young age in high schools and colleges, it doesn’t sound ridiculous to conduct tests for diagnosing AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) in these students. AIDS is a global issue that needs to be addressed seriously and proper measures need to be taken to prevent it from spreading in a large number of people. AIDS is commonly transmitted due to sexual intercourse between males and females and any of the genders can be a carrier of this disease which is then transmitted to the other individual. European countries show the most number of cases in this regard as compared to Asian countries because, in Asian and Islamic countries, there are more restrictions and rules in the educational sector-foremost being separate institutions for boys and girls which reduces the probability of them having any sexual relations which can further prove to be a cause of spreading AIDS. Medical tests should be conducted in colleges to ensure that the students are safe from all kinds of such fatal diseases as the after-effects of AIDS and other diseases like this are not welcoming. However, there is a chance that the students may protest against these tests and may exercise their rights and power to overturn this decision to hide s

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