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Story of My Life Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


The task was to express the story of my life


Story of my life
By: Angel Ramos
Before my birth, my parents and doctors were unsure if I would be alive or not, my mother suffered from preeclampsia during pregnancy and in my country they had no surviving children, one of us or even both of us was not going to survive. However, against all odds, I was the second child in my country that survived, my weight was ½ pounds and my height was 5 cm. I had to be inside an incubator for two months to be fully developed. For many people my birth was just a miracle, but for me it was a blessing!
On my first years they were setting me barriers because of my conditions. Doctors and teachers told my parents that I was going to face many limitations such as the following: that I won’t be able to face hyperactivity, learning a second language, and I was going to have learning difficulties. 

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