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The Ideology of Myths and Legends (Essay Sample)


It is quite bizarre as to most peole live their everyday lives to read a new story from watching the news or buying a newspaper or magazine. It never seems to become entwined with an everyday kind of lifestyle but instead it becomes a form of ritual which a few people may call the legendary tales of news stories Not all news articles are based on facts but on events that may have occurred or ocurring at the moment. The bottom line is a news story can always end with a cliff hanger, a climax or even wrse a tragic end. It is almost like embracing a myth that was NEVER MEANT to occur.


The Ideology of Myths and Legends

The ideology of myths and legends are in general, a very crucial substantial part of historical events and play a huge role in history in general. The world of tourism would never be the same without memoirs of a historical legend or a display of what could thereto be described or called a myth. Taking a look at the Boston tea party or Abraham Lincoln for example, his notion on all men being equal and causing the emancipation of slavery made him a legend. The whole idea of a clever red blooded male fighting for human rights and being the president of the United states made a huge impact on the rest of the world and his reflection along with the statue of liberty is unforgettable. 

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