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Key Differences Between American andCanadian Health Systems Essay (Essay Sample)




5 Key Differences Between the American and the Canadian Healthcare Systems
There are a wide range of similarities between The Canadian and American health care systems, though the US spends more than Canada on its healthcare system but the perception among citizens of the two countries is that Canadian healthcare is more affordable (if not free) than the American health care system. The main differences between the two health care systems are highlighted below;
Canada operates a single-payer health care system, America does not
The fragmented nature of the American healthcare system has led to higher administrative costs. Switching from one insurance provider to another is also leading to a loss in vital health care information of individuals. There is separate health insurance for an individual below 65 and at the age of 65, Medicare funds an individual’s health insurance, and a lot of Americans believe that the Medicare has much lower incentives for older adults. Canada operates a single-payer health care system funded by public tax and it is available for all residents and citizens, regardless of the age.

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