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An Analysis Of A Quote Of Their Book, No Sources (Essay Sample)


client only required an analysis of a quote of their book, no sources or style were required.

Friedrich Nietzsche said: “He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how”. In today’s hectic world, people live lives full of responsibilities, exhausting jobs and impatience. They are impatient about making money, becoming successful in their careers and fulfill their dreams or those their parents had for them. Unfortunately, they often forget the meaning of their lives, their relationships, ideals and moral values, which are pushed aside and sacrificed over instant fame, fortune and glory. This is the reason why, when tragedy strikes or their material possessions are lost, they find no other meaning in their lives and might be tempted to end it. It is a fact that suicide rates are on the rise globally. What Nietzsche correctly phrased, is that what keeps people, who bear their own cross in life, going on and never giving up, is a particular reason to live. I strongly agree with the quote as I also believe that when there is a goal, a meaning in life, people can overcome every obstacle and face any challenge. This meaning can be either a special person, family, religion or an ideal to live for. Even the loneliest person, who has lost everythin...
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