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Humor in the Courtroom (Essay Sample)




Place of humor in the trial process[Neil. J.D. Maryland Bar Journal; Humour in the Courtroom, April 1, 1987]
Is there a place for humor in the courtroom? Some lawyers may say that the trial of a civil or criminal case is serious business. They may say that there is no place for jokes in such somber proceedings. Appropriate humor during otherwise dull and time-consuming protracted litigation can play an essential role in your ability to persuade the court.
* That you are a human being, to provide a counter-balancing context in the appropriate type of case in which everyone can share a laugh
* Break the tension or the ice at timely moments.
* Be valid for other tactical reasons.
A trial is something serious. Using humor shows one vulnerability, thus portraying that one is not comfortable; however, humor is widely recognized as an effective tool of communication. Humour can be used to save face, establish a rapport and as well be used to persuade the court.Research has shown that lawyers can use humor to persuade effectively.[Katrina. C. Does Humour have a place in the courtroom?; Litigation Insights April 30, 2019] [Wanzer, M., Booth-Butterfield, M and Booth, S.(1995)."The funny People; A source orientation to the communication of humor.”Communication Quarterly 43’142-53]
As stated above trial is a formal setting; therefore, it is all about the context. Inappropriate humor can offend 

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