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Breaching Experiment (Essay Sample)


Write about breaching experiment. No need to use any official referencing style.


Breaching Experiment
Breaching Experiment
Breaching experiment is an ingenious social-psychological technique that seeks to examine people's reaction and adherence to social norms in a particular setting. Typically, it is concerned with planned and deliberate breaks of the social norm to explore the reaction of the public. In the analysis, the research performs an activity that violates the social norms such as singing in the bus, elevator or not talking to anybody in a day. In the course of the test, the investigator observes and records the reaction of the witnesses. Specifically, the primary aim of the study is to scrutinize the degree of devotion to the unwritten social rule. In sociology, the social model is confined to the rules of behavior that a specific group has accepted, and any individual who violates these values is considered deviant, and they are shunned or punished accordingly.
I carried out my breaching experiment on Monday, 27 October 2014. During the investigation, I choose not to talk to anybody at home or school. Specifically, this included not greeting any relative or friend in both settings. Since salutation is a social norm in the society, I recorded the reaction of the family members and friends and compiled them to have a report on the same.
I woke up early as usual and got along with my daily routine only in a "mute mode." I checked my emails and text messages for any relevant information. After taking a shower, I went for breakfast, ready to experiment and do my research. The first two peo...
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