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Should Animals be Treated Similarly to Humans (Essay Sample)


THIS TASK tested my stand on whether animals should be treated similarly to humans. Therefore, animals have moral rights even though their ethical right is considered inferior to those of human beings. The author made the mistake of generalizing that human beings should be attributed to rights since they are the only ones deemed moral beings. Notably, even though the animals lack some of the capacities needed to qualify them as moral agents, the author should not have generalized that they need no rights based on this reason alone. Still, he should have considered other dynamics, including their responses to the stimuli or the immediate environment.


Should Animals be Treated Similarly to Humans
In my view, animals must be respected as living beings and, thus, treated as life. Therefore, the animals have a moral reputation. Hence, they need to be properly treated, for instance, by using them in experiments for human beings' gain. This restricts us from using animals beyond their capacities, even though we can use them as power sources. Similarly, this forbids the violent treatment of the animals; for instance, even slaughtering them is supposed to be done painlessly to avoid cruel and violent treatment. Additionally, the rejection of using animals in experiments in situations in which we will not use human beings with similar interests helps to uphold the rejection of speciesism. Therefore, we should reject using animals only to fulfill our interests; instead, we should embrace their mutual benefits from the nature of engagement they are involved in.
Based on the interest and cognitive awareness argument, animals have moral rights by assuming they know what is happening in their surroundings. Even though their ethical values are considered inferior to those of human beings, they also demonstrate a critical understanding of their environment. Generally, ethics are always in place to help satisfy the specific interests of others without necessarily interfering with the interests of others. Similarly, the reason for the existence of moral values is to help minimize suffering and maximize happiness. For instance, when a dog is slapped, it exhibits signs of distress similar to the case of a child. Therefore, this can help to display the behaviors that indicate the suffering that qualify them for moral standing.

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