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Wind Power (Essay Sample)


how to generate electricity from wind power


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Wind Power
Wind power is a form of kinetic energy tapped form winds to generate electricity or harnessed to perform a mechanical task, which can be used in homes and business. There are several methods of generating wind power, but all relies on turbines engines to operate. Wind power can be generated using highway turbines, wind dams, Manager Air Rotor System (M.A.R.S), and the traditional Wind turbines. The paper discusses how wind turbines work to generate electricity in a form of kinetic energy.
The wind turbines use a simple principle to operate as it works like an old-fashioned windmill although it is a high-tech version. It works contrary from a fan because a turbine relays on the wind to rotate and create electricity while a fan uses electricity to create the wind. The wind is a moving air,therefore providing kinetic energy [1]. The wind blows more at high altitudes because there are no barriers like trees and tall buildings, which obstruct the flow [1].
The turbine is made of four main part; these are the blades, the nacelle with a rotor generator and the base. The blades are elevated higher to capture the speedy winds. Unlike the old-fashioned windmill, the modern turbines don't rely on natural wind drag to push the blades [1]. The blades are designed in shape, which prompt the wind to create a pocket like pressure that pushes the blades causing the turbines to rotate. As the wind blows, the kinetic energy from the wind converts into mechanical energy when the blades begin to rotate [1]. However, the turbines are fitted with sensors on the blades to detect how strongly the wind is blowing and from which direction. The blades automatically turn to the direction where the speedy wind is coming from, and this prevents the turbine from damaging. The blades often rotate at a high-speed approximately 50 revolutions per minute.
The spinning blades connects to a generator via the nacelle through a series of gears. The spinnngs blades triggers some mechanical rotation inside the generator with the aid of the gearbox. The gears intensify the blades speed inside inside generator making it rotate at a speed of approximately 1500 RPM in case of small turbine. The generator is designed with a strong magnetic field made of looped coppers wires, which uses a similar principle with a bicycle dynamo [1]. As the generator rotates the generator rotates at a high-tech speed, the generator creates a strong electromagnetic field that converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. The generator can either be fixed to limit the speed induced from the blades’ rotation or variable to contain and vary speeds [1]. A fixed generator produces electrical energy, which does not regulation when feeding into the grid substation while a variable generator...
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