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A Lab Practical And Making Conclusions On The Findings (Lab Report Sample)


writing a report on a lab practical and making conclusions on the findings


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Abdominal cavity dissection
Place the fetal pig in dissecting tray ventral side facing up. Tie the pig; legs spread eagle. Cut through the skin without removing the umbilical cord. After getting done with cuts, locate umbilical vein which leads the umbilical cord to the liver. Cut the umbilical veinin order to open the abdominal cavity.
Diaphragm- this is a muscle that divides the thoracic and abdominal cavity, and is located near the ribcage.
Liver- measured 6.5cm anchor x5.0cm high. It is a lobed structure which measured 6.5cm anchor x 5.0 high
Gall bladder- measured 1.5 anchor. It is greenish in color and is located underneath the liver. It is also attached to the duodenum by the bile duct.
Stomach- measured 5.5cm anchor x 2.0cm. It rests underneath the pig's left side. It is pouch-shaped; at the top of the stomach is the esophagus. At each end lies valves namely cardiac sphincter valve and pyloric sphincter valve respectively. They are responsible for controlling food entering and leaving
The stomach is followed by the small intestines composed of duodenum and ileum (straight portion and curly part respectively)
The ileum is held into position by a structure known as mesentery. The ileum has some blood vessels which are known as mesenteric arteries.
Pancreas- Measured 4.5cm x1.5cm. It is located underside the stomach and is connected to the duodenum by pancreatic duct.
Spleen- measured 6.5cm anchor X 1.5cm. It is a flattened organ, lies across the stomach towards the far left side of the pig.
The ileum measured 313cm long and widens at the end to become the large intestines.
The rectum lies outside the pig or the anus
Kidneys are bean-shaped, and they lie on either side of the pig. They both measured 2.0cmanchor x 4cm high.
In the umbilical cord, umbilical cords are visible and in between them the urinary bladder lies.
DNA difference in human and pig
We, the human beings have an enormous amount of genetic material in common with pigs. We are omnivorous mammals hence, can gain weight easily. It is a fact that we share some genes.
All living organisms are made up of genetic materials with information encoded in the DNA, subdivided int...
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