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light's effect on raddish seeds (Lab Report Sample)

write a lab report on the practical about lihts efects on raddish seeds source..
Light’s Effect on Radish Germination Experiment Student name: Professor: Course: Date: Does light truly affect the germination of radish seeds? In this experiment, we are going to answer the question. The hypothesis states that if the radish seeds are given the opportunity to sprout in the dark, they will germinate faster than when germinated in light; however they will be feeble as compared to those to those that germinate in light. By own opinion and prediction, I expect the seeds in light to sprout out first before those in the dark. Procedure * Obtain and arrange three Petri dishes and label them; DARK, LIGHT, and CONTROL * Put a cloth in each Petri dish * In each Petri dish put ten seeds, and place the ‘CONTROL' Petri dish by the window, ‘LIGHT’ under a lamp and ‘DARK’ in dark chamber * Cover the control Petri dish with an aluminum foil * Water the Petri dish with 3ml water daily * Record the progress once a week Results Results table Total no. of seeds Seeds germinated Seeds not germinated No. of days DARK 10 5 5 7 LIGHT 10 2 8 7 CONTROL 10 8 2 7 312420132715 Bar graph showing germination of radish seeds under different light conditions. Explanation In the experiment, the seeds were placed under different conditions of light in separate Petri dishes. The first one was labeled LIGHT and placed under a lamp. Seeds in this Petri dish did not sprout rapidly. Few seeds germinated in this dish and were feeble. The light intensity was too high throughout and most of the sprouts were damaged by the excessiveness of the light intensity. In the second Petri dish labeled DARK, the seeds never collected any light entirely. The seeds germinated fastest and were the first to sprout as compared to those in the first Petri dish labeled LIGHT placed under the lamp. In the third Petri dish labeled CONTROL, the seeds collected light during the day and at night did not collect any light. In this dish, most seeds germinated but at a moderate speed as compared to the seeds in the Petri dish labeled DARK. By the above experiment, it is clear that the hypothesis was wrong. All the results were opposite to the hypothesis. The research question was "does light indeed affect the radish seeds germination?" as by the results of the experiment, it is clearly shown out that the radish seeds require moderate light. For instance, as we can see in the CONTROL Petri dish, most seeds germinated as compared to other seeds in the different Petri dishes. The seeds were exposed to moderate light and moderate light intensity that was not throughout. In the Petri dish labeled LIGHT, the seeds were exposed to a ligh...
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