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Biological & Biomedical Sciences
Lab Report
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How the Volume of Kojic Acid Changes as the Concentration Varies (Lab Report Sample)


Investigate the effect of different concentrations of Kojic acid on its volume using a standard experimental setup.
Provide a brief introduction on Kojic acid and its uses.
Develop a hypothesis on how the volume of Kojic acid changes as the concentration varies.
Plan an experimental setup to test the hypothesis, including the materials and equipment needed, as well as the steps involved in the experiment.
Conduct the experiment and record the data, ensuring that all measurements are accurate and precise.
Analyze the data using appropriate statistical methods, and present the results in tables, graphs, or charts.
Draw conclusions based on the results, and discuss any limitations or sources of error in the experiment.
Provide recommendations for future research on the topic.
Use proper scientific language and provide references to support your answer.


Volume of Kojic Acid
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Volume of Kojic Acid
Preparation of 3 mL Assays:
* Add 0.6 mL of the phosphate buffer stock to each assay.
* Add a specified volume of the 2 mM kojic acid stock solution, with volumes ranging from 10 μL to 100 μL, to give a final concentration ranging from 6.7 μM to 66.7 μM.
* Add 1 mL of the catechol stock solution to each assay.
* Add water, as needed, to bring the final volume up to 3 mL.

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