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Double Wishbone Suspension System Engineering Lab Report (Lab Report Sample)


A general Description of Double Wishbone Suspension System


Double Wishbone Suspension System
Ali Sadiq
University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh
Author’s Note
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction: PAGEREF _Toc49662416 \h 3History: PAGEREF _Toc49662417 \h 3Terminologies: PAGEREF _Toc49662418 \h 3Double Wishbone System: PAGEREF _Toc49662419 \h 3Construction: PAGEREF _Toc49662420 \h 4Working: PAGEREF _Toc49662421 \h 4Pros and Cons: PAGEREF _Toc49662422 \h 5Conclusion: PAGEREF _Toc49662423 \h 5References: PAGEREF _Toc49662424 \h 6
This report covers the double-wishbone suspension system. Suspension systems are responsible for the connection between wheels and body of the vehicle. Terminologies used in the design of a double-wishbone suspension system, their construction, working, and the advantages and disadvantages of the double-wishbone suspension system are all described.
A double-wishbone suspension system refers to the spring, shock absorbers, and linkage responsible for the connection between the wheels and the body of a vehicle. It allows the relative motion between the wheels and the vehicle body. The suspension system also protects the driver from bumps, road vibrations, etc. Most importantly, the suspension system is responsible for keeping the contact between the wheels and the road all the time CITATION NVi14 \l 1033 (N.Vivekanandan, 2014).

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