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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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The Various Function of The Ear: Hearing and Equilibrium (Lab Report Sample)


Write about Hearing and Equilibrium Lab Type of paper.


Hearing and Equilibrium
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Ears are most commonly known to aid in the detection of sound, but, other than this, they also in bringing about a state of balance or equilibrium. Within the ear, still the receptors for instance, the sensory modalities are accommodated. Hearing is facilitated by both the cochlea, the middle and external ear. The presence of the ear drum enhances for the separation of outer and middle ear. Within the middle ear is a chamber that is filled with air from which there are ossicles. The vibration of the ear drum is crucial in that it enhances for a normal hearing. When looking into balance or equilibrium, it is enhanced by the labyrinth. The peripheral nervous system is inclusive of the sensory receptors from which information is received based on the surrounding (Amerman, 2018). 

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