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Economics Lab Report Paper: Measurement of Neutron Flux (Lab Report Sample)


lab report on the Measurement of Neutron Flux


Lab Report: Measurement of Neutron Flux
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Lab Report: Measurement of Neutron Flux
Materials and Procedure
The Data Acquisition System was employed during the research to ensure that the results obtained would be as accurate as required. The key events involved the preparation of the metal chips through irradiation so that they could be counted using the HPGe detectors.
Materials Used. The main pieces of equipment employed during this research also included the activation elements and were in accordance with the following list.
* A foil of Epithermal aluminum-gold. This was meant to produce the gold LOVES neutrons to establish the large absorption cross-section medium
* Foils made up of 99.8% aluminum and 0.1124 gold
* Minimum possible activation materials to ensure that purity remains as high as possible
* Au-198 into which all the other materials would be inserted
* Sleeves of Cadmium. This provided Cadmium LOVES thermal neutrons to form a heat absorption cross-section (~2500 barns)
Procedure. The first step involved the irradiation of aluminum gold covered with cadmium for a duration of one hour. The ICIT irradiation process was conducted at 1MW in a rotating rack and thermal column. The respective periods (time) taken in, and outside the core were all recorded...
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