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Arthropods Lab Report. Biological & Biomedical Sciences Lab Report (Lab Report Sample)


a biology lab report following a field project where samples of arthropods (insects) were collected from two contrasting habitats (a garden and a lawn) and examined to ascertain various aspects on morphospecies evenness, abundance, richness, and pattern diversity.


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Arthropod Field Project Report
Collectively, arthropods constitute the largest group of animals by population on the planet earth. In light of that, arthropods are very important in Biology. Arthropods are the most widely distributed, well adapted, diverse and certainly the most successful animals of all. It is approximated that there are well over a million known aquatic and terrestrial species of arthropods. Arthropods are further grouped into five classes namely: insects, arachnids, crustaceans, millipedes and centipedes. There are a number of characteristics that are synonymous with most arthropods. Foremost, arthropods possess jointed limbs. Secondly, their bodies are bilaterally symmetrical and segmented into three parts namely head, thorax and abdomen. Thirdly, arthropods are invertebrates with an exoskeleton covered with a protective hardened material known as chitin. These, among many others are associated with arthropods.
For this field project, through collection of a variety of arthropod taxa samples, we sought to understand in depth the diversity and density of arthropods in contrasting habitats. We studied the community of arthropods inhabiting two contrasting habitats: a garden and lawn. Aspects of morphospecies evenness, abundance, richness and pattern diversity of both habitats were predicted. 

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