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Problem-solving and The Application of Ohm's Law to Engineering Problems (Lab Report Sample)


this paper was all about problem-solving and the application of ohm's law to engineering problems. the sample looks incomplete, because part of this paper was to be written by the client as per the client's instructions. the equations, graphs, and problem-solving are all my work. the rest is provided by the client or was to be filled in by the client. the client's feedback for this work was "This persons work was amazing and they constantly updated me throughout the level of work standard was very high." I can provide evidence for this claim upon request.


In the first and second part of this paper, the author will test the validity of Ohm’s law experimentally, via two resistance experiments. In the third part, some problems regarding Ohm’s law are solved mathematically.
The objective of this work is to explore the relationships between current, voltage, resistance, and power, with a focus on Ohm’s law.
The hypothesis is that Ohm’s law is true and valid for resistors and lightbulbs.
This experiment will use a variable power supply, a known value resistor, a lightbulb, an ammeter, a voltmeter, and appropriate wiring to construct circuits.
In experiment 1, the variable power supply was used to create voltage increments between -7 and +7 volts, and the ammeter was used to measure the current flow. The results as shown below are found to be in accordance with Ohm’s law.

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