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Forging Process Engineering Lab Report Research Paper (Lab Report Sample)


A general report on FORGING PROCESS


centercenterForging Process8820090900Forging Process
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Forging: PAGEREF _Toc46306609 \h 2Forging Types: PAGEREF _Toc46306610 \h 2On the bases of Temperature: PAGEREF _Toc46306611 \h 2Hot Forging: PAGEREF _Toc46306612 \h 2On the bases of Applied Pressure: PAGEREF _Toc46306613 \h 3On the bases of the flow of Work Metal: PAGEREF _Toc46306614 \h 3Open Die forging: PAGEREF _Toc46306615 \h 4Ring Forging: PAGEREF _Toc46306616 \h 4Upsetting: PAGEREF _Toc46306617 \h 5Punching: PAGEREF _Toc46306618 \h 5Notching: PAGEREF _Toc46306619 \h 6Step Forging: PAGEREF _Toc46306620 \h 7Progressive Forging: PAGEREF _Toc46306621 \h 7References: PAGEREF _Toc46306622 \h 8
It is the deformation process. In forging the workpiece is compressed between the dies to attain the required shape. The compressing can be achieved either by a sudden impact or gradual pressure. Forging is one of the oldest metalworking processes, which dates bake to 5000 B.C. Now a day, forging is used to prepare components for automobiles, aerospace, and other metal parts. Components that are generally made by forging are connecting rods, gears, aircraft structural components, and jet engine turbines, etc. ADDIN EN.CITE Groover20076(Groover 2007)666Groover, Mikell PFundamentals of modern manufacturing: materials processes, and systems2007John Wiley & Sons8126512660(Groover 2007)
Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1: General Forging Process
Forging Types:
The forging process can be carried out in several ways.
On the bases of Temperature:
The forging process can be described on the bases of working temperature on which forging is carried out.
1 Hot Forging

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