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Data Visualization: Tufte's Precepts of Graphical Greatness (Math Problem Sample)


This is a discussion post. This document, co-authored by ERAU professor Dr. Beverly Wood, is part of a set of Primary Source Projects generated out of a National Science Foundation-funded curriculum project. The idea is to use original documents as an innovative way to discuss ways to display data that isn′t the typical fare in textbooks. Complete the following for this discussion. Read sections 1-4. Select either one task that contains multiple parts -or- select at least two tasks. Complete your selected task or tasks by sharing your answers as your initial post. Your initial post should be two to three paragraphs in length. Use current APA formatting to cite your sources.


Data Visualization
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Data Visualization
Task 12
In response to Tufte's Precepts of Graphical Greatness, we can say that compelling visualizations include data, inspire fair reflection on the materials, showcase a variety of figures, make quick comparisons across sets, and show up to possess a focused purpose due to the apparent consistency of the data. However, there is an uneven look at this data. In today's world, gauging a country's development by its populace's tax contributions is a feeble and

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