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Proving the Pythagorean Theorem (Math Problem Sample)


discuss the Pythagorean Theorem formula, its meaning, how it is proof, and some of its applications in real life. Your paper should consist of at least 200 words and at least 2 sources that are referenced properly using the APA style of referencing. The submission must be typed and written in times new roman font 12


Pythagorean Theorem
The Pythagoras theorem is an important mathematical relation that connects the geometry of a triangle. It gives the links between the sides of a triangle; right-angled triangle. The three sides of a right-angle triangle include: the two legs meeting at the right angle, and the longest diagonal (hypotenuse). According to Quadrat et al. (2001), the Pythagoras theorem indicates that the area of the square formed by the hypotenuse of a triangle is equal to the sum of the other two areas formed by the legs. This theorem can be 

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