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Hypothesis Testing Using Standard Formulas and the Chi-Squared Table (Math Problem Sample)


This is an applied statistics paper that has two sections. The first section involves hypothesis testing using standard formulas and the Chi-squared table of the level of significance. The paper required performing statistical tests of the confidence interval of 95% for the control group as well as for the intervention group. The second section requires the creation of a questionnaire with the four variables and levels of measurement.


Statistics Assignment
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Statistics Assignment
Part I: Solutions
* The two populations of interest:
* Population of fathers who have new- born children
* Population of fathers who do not have new – born children
* The mean daily cigarette consumption in the intervention group at baseline.
Using the data of intervention group that has been provided; the number of fathers in the intervention group that reported abstinence in a 12-month period = 82
Hence n = 82
The total number of fathers in the intervention group = 598
Population np= 598

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