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Graphing Lines (Math Problem Sample)


What are the 3 methods to graph a line? Choose 1 of the methods and describe how to graph a line using an example equation? Why do you prefer this method?
Create 1 equation and ask your peers to describe the graph using 1 of the 3 methods. Return to the discussion to check your peers’ understanding and offer help as needed. Be sure to post the answer at the close of the module.


Graphing Lines
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Graphing Lines
Three main methods can help learners to graph linear equations. It should be noted that linear equations must present a graph with a straight line. The first method for graphing linear equations is using a table of values. The second method used to graph linear equations is to use the y and x-intercepts while the last method used to draw linear equations is to use the slope and intercept method. Below is an example of how to draw a linear equation usi...
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