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Statistics: The Appropriate Null And Alternative Hypothesis (Math Problem Sample)


statistics work


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1. Identify or specify the appropriate null and alternative hypothesis for (7the following test. Express each in writing and the form of an equation.
Null hypothesis H0: we find that there is no significant difference in the distance driven by UniDun and the SF balls. That is µ1 ≤ µ2
Alternative hypothesis Ha: length powered by UniDun balls is greater than that of SF balls µ1 ˃ µ2
Where µ1 and µ2 represent the driving distance of the UniDun and SF balls respectively.
2. Identify or specify the appropriate statistical test to accept or reject the null hypothesis.
I use the t-test for independent samples with equal variances. The alternative hypothesis, in this case, indicates that a one-tail (right-tail) test is supposed to be utilized.
3. Identify or specify the statistical parameters, the mean, variance and standard deviation. Then calculate the statistical test and p-value.
The test statistic is given as:
The Excel generated output (using data analysis tool pack) is given below.
t-Test: Two-Sample Assuming Equal Variances


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