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Extra Credit Literature & Language Math Problem Paper (Math Problem Sample)


The task was assigned to the students to solve a question related to a real-life scenario.


EGEN 202 Extra Credit Fall 2019
circle one
(1-2 pages max length)Name: _____________________________ 8am 11am
1 Problem Statement And/or Description (1-3 Sentences)
In a particular sports competition motorcyclists have to jump over a canyon that is 30 meters wide. Now, assume that in attempts to jump over the canyon one of the participants decides to lift his motorcycle at an angle of 20 degrees between the edge of the canyon and the air. In other words, the motorcyclist has to close over the canyon by tracing a curve-like path in the air. Figure 1 below is a graphical representation of this scenario. A matter that would of interest in such a scenario is to determine how fast the motorcyclist travels to before landing on the other side of the canyon. On the same note it is important to determine the time it takes to jump over the canyon.
Figure 1: A graphical illustration of Motorcyclist jumping over the canyon
2 Drawings, schematics, free body diagrams, etc. (can cut and paste)
Figure 2 below illustrates a free body diagram for the above problem.
Figure 2: Free body diagram interpretation for problem in question 1

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