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MAT 140 Final Project: Problem Walkthroughs. Math Problem (Math Problem Sample)


Math problem on trigonometry


MAT 140 Final Project: Problem Walkthroughs
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Southern New Hampshire University
Given the following right triangle, find cosθ, sinθ, tanθ, secθ, cscθ, and cotθ. Do not approximate: Find exact answers. Show all of your work and explain steps as necessary.
The question presented involves the application of both the Pythagoras theorem and trigonometric functions principles. It applies the Pythagoras theorem in finding one side of a right angled triangle given the other two sides. If goes further to find the six trigonometric functions related to theta. The first step in handling this questions will involve using the Pythagoras theorem to find the third side of the right angle triangle provided. This can be calculated using the formula;
c2 = a2 + b2
72 = 42 + b2
b2 = (49-16)
b = (33)1/2

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