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The Analysis Of The Main Character In "The Civil War" Captain America (Movie Review Sample)


watch the movie on war on terror and analyze the character of captain America. the paper should be 2 pages AND AND AT LEAST 2 CITATIONS. THE WRITING STYLE SHOULD BE APA

Character Analysis Student’s Name Institution The character analysis is about Captain America who is one of the main characters in the story or movie civil war. The Civil War is a fight of superheroes’ battling to decide the crucial role of the superpower crime – fighters in the democracy. The civil war is a battle against the setting of the “war on terror” where the government will pass a Superhuman Registration Act to counteract calamity such as in the conflict between the superheroes, and the supervillains triggered the death of six hundred persons in Stamford. This paper gives the character analysis of Captain America one of the protagonist in the story and his contribution to the story in the story. Captain America character Ethics Captain America is static and makes concrete decisions. He has been working as the government agent for a long time, but he goes against the government Registration Act(White, 2014). According to the story unlike his fellows Batman and Rorschach he declines to enforce a law that will risk the peoples’ lives in the country. Are Captain’s actions wise or unwise? Captain America is smart since he makes decisions that will benefit the entire people despite being in the government. According to the story, he spearheaded the motion of opposing the Registration act, and he didn’t retreat from the decision. Characters motivation According to movie Captain America didn’t possess the superhuman powers but he generated them or acquired from the Super-Soldier and the Vita-Ray treatment(Weitz, 2003). This transformation made him gain more strength, durability, high speed, flexibility which motivated him to fight. Effects of the captain’s behavior on other characters After Captain was unable to acquire or realizes that another organization known as the HYDRA infiltrated the world police known as S.H.I.E.L.D, he forced the other crew of the Avengers to fall back and the team split into two. Words that describe Captain America Captain was a superhero who had the human physical perfection. He was regarded as intelligence, flexible, agile, strength, and endurance which motivated him as able and strong the fighter. Items associated with Captain According to the story, Captain had mastered the styles and skills of martial arts, judo, hand-to-hand techniques and shield which propelled him to be a great fighter in Avengers. Read between the lines From the story, after Captain was betrayed by establishments and discovered th...
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