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Comparing Movie Version of The Great Gatsby with the Book (Movie Review Sample)


the task was to make a comparison of the book and movie TITLED "the great gatsby " identifying the similarities and differences


Comparing the Movie Version of “The Great Gatsby” with the Book
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Comparing the Movie Version of “The Great Gatsby” with the Book
In many occasions, film producers retrieve their movie scripts from previously written books. However, as much as the storylines of both the movie and the novel may be the same, it is impossible for these film producers to capture every detail of the author’s story. In other cases, the producer may decide to omit or include other features in the movie to make it more likable to their audience. This essay seeks to make a comparison of the film version of “The Great Gatsby” with the book.
The book begins with a Nick Carraway, the narrator, moving from Midwest to West Egg becoming a neighbor of Jay Gatsby, a wealthy self-proclaimed entrepreneur (Corrigan, 2014). On the other hand, the movie begins with the producer trying to build the character of Nick. It shows Nick in a state of depression and drunkenness. He is with a doctor who asks him to write down a therapeutic report of the events that led to his miserable state.
Tom Buchanan is the antagonist in the book. He is seen to oppose Gatsby, the protagonist, in his quest to get what he longs for. Ironically, Daisy Buchanan, who Gatsby wants back as his long lost love, is Tom’s wife. Events from both the book and the movie clearly indicate that Tom is to blame for everything that happened at in the end. Tom is an adulterer and does not seem to care whether it affects his wife (Corrigan, 2014). This lead to Daisy having an extramarital affair with Gatsby that ends up with him being killed by Wilson, who was convinced by Tom that Gatsby was the driver of the car that killed his wife.
Also, both the Movie and the Book evidently reveal that of all the characters; Nick was the only one that seemed to be relatively moral and ethical. He was affected by the deception, hypocrisy, and lack of empathy portrayed by his so called friends. He is seen to have stayed behind to bury Gatsby even after all his friends refused to mourn his death or attend his burial.
As revealed in both the movie and the book, readers and viewers would dislike t...
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