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A Beautiful Mind: The Scariest Part of The Mental Illness Of Schizophrenia (Movie Review Sample)


i was required to review the film titles "a beautiful mind" with nash as the main character. nash was a student in the princeton university and he had great obsession with mathematics


A Beautiful Mind
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The film, A Beautiful Mind revolves around the main character, Nash a math student at Princeton University. He is obsessed with mathematics and earns himself a job due to his brilliance in math. After a group of his fellow students discusses on how to approach a woman at a bar, Nash is under extreme pressure to publish his initial idea (Goldsman,2002). Nash is offered a job by Parcher of the United States Department of Defense when he’s invited to break into concealed information of the enemy in Pentagon. He’s capable of deciphering the code mentally, and he goes on to get the job.
The Scariest Part of The Mental Illness Of Schizophrenia
Nash is tasked to look for patterns in newspapers and magazines with the intention of thwarting a Soviet plot. Nash is obsessed with looking for these invisible patterns and has in his mind that someone is following his when he delivers his findings to a secret mailbox. The scariest part of developing schizophrenia in this film starts when Nash witnesses a shootout between the Soviet agents and Parcher. Parcher then threatens him to stay on his assignment. These events make Nash uncomfortable when delivering a speech at the University; he tries to get away from a group of people he thinks are the Soviet agents by punching Dr. Rosen. (Siegfried, 2006). 
Afterward, he becomes sedated and they take him to a psychiatric institution he knows is run by the Soviets. The situation worsens when the doctor tells Nash’s wife, Alicia that he has developed Schizophrenia and that his close friends only appear in his imagination. This prompts Alicia to confront Nash after realizing some documents that were sent to a private mailbox by him. Eventually, Nash is given a prescription of insulin shock therapy, and he is released. Nash becomes worried about worried about the effects of the medication he is given after he becomes unresponsive and he decides to quit taking it. It causes him to fall back and goes back to his previous assignment from Parcher.
Do Madness and Genius often go together?
People are willing to endure misery and frustration so as to create something. In this film, we see that in the university, Nash is an oddly dressed student who writes mysterious messages on blackboards and often talks to himself. At some point, he believes that taking drugs could increase physical and intellectual performance (Nasar, 1999). People that fears hatred almost as love are likely to turn into creative activities not only because of a push to undergo aesthetic pleasure or the joy of engaging an active mind.
His discovery wins him recognition at the University where he gets the opportunity t...
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