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Black soul Animation Review (Movie Review Sample)

Writing a simple review after watching a short movie clip and describing what message the creator was trying to pass to the audience source..
‘Black Soul’ Animation Review Name: Date: Title: Black soul Creator: Martine Chartrand Year: 2000 ‘Black Soul’ Animation Review Black soul is a nine-minute animation that puts down the history of black people in Canada. The creator, Martine Chartrand, uses a technique where oil is painted on glass in front of the camera creating the entire animation. The film covers the whole history of blacks in the short time span taking into consideration the issues that affected them such as slavery and racism. The animation uses oil on glass hence the transitions are very smooth when it is playing. There are several characters in the animation that convey the whole story starting from the main character who is a young boy, his mother and a variety of other people that make the story complete. The different scenes in the story are perfectly combined to relay the story in an effective way. Martine used music from different musicians which incorporated diversity that included African music as well as some jazz rhythms. The music used in the film complements each scene enabling me to divulge into the story hence making it more captivating. Additionally, the different types of music used also gives life to the imagery by matching with the concept that Martine is trying to portray at the time. I find the music used captivating because I am able to switch through the scenes and hear a dif...
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