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Review Jurassic Park - A Film Directed by Steven Spielberg (Movie Review Sample)


The paper Reviews the Jurassic Park , a film directed by Steven Spielberg, which is based on the written works of Michael Crichton in 1990.


Jurassic Park
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Jurassic Park.
Jurassic Park is a film directed by Steven Spielberg, which is based on the written works of Michael Crichton in 1990. The movie was released in 1993 by universal laden pictures and became the first major instance to apply computer generated animated characters as well as live actions and animatronics. It, therefore, mixed the idea of computer-generated imagery and animatronic to produce dinosaurs, which were the first of their kinds displayed with textured muscles covered in skin. The film was a success in the movie industry and as a result, there was a massive surge in the use of computer-generated imagery in Hollywood. The film was, therefore, instrumental in changing the way things were done in Hollywood.
The movie is based on the premise of scientific explorations. Scientists managed to extract the DNA of a dinosaur from the thorax of prehistoric mosquitoes, which were preserved for purposes of research. The successful extraction of the DNA sample meant that a clone could be made out of it. The scientist, therefore, carried on with the process of cloning, recreating and subsequent breeding of a variety of dinosaurs. The motive of recreating the dinosaurs by cloning is to put them in a park for tourist activities, which would bring in cash. However, things do not go as planned as the dinosaurs get out of control even before the park is opened to the public. The genetically engineered dinosaurs become dangerous by inflicting gruesome and deadly injuries on the visitors who had come to see the progress in the park (Crichton, 2012).
The idea to have dinosaurs in the park was that of a billionaire John Hammond. He wanted his grandchildren to see real living dinosaurs as opposed to just reading about them in a book. After the dinosaurs become wild and begin killing people, the scientists realize that they are unable to predict the behavior of the creatures as well as their abilities and adaptations. It possesses a significant mistake made b...
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