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The Review of Slumdog Millionaire (Movie Review Sample)

Review of the movie 'Slumdog MILLIONAIRE.' source..
Slumdog Millionaire The film uses discontinuity style of editing getting a lot of attention. It has flashbacks the whole of it and therefore would want to conspicuously move back and forth. Since the two stories are related, the film has to make it conspicuous that they are using the discontinuity style of editing. Some notable differences are that the actor was a young boy when he was getting the answers and older and tidy when he was in the lottery session but tortured and tired at the scene of torture. The movie has used many cutting techniques that fall in the discontinuity techniques. They have used many cutting on action technique during the first parts of the movie. The "who wants to be a millionaire?" session draws as much tension as the torture. As he was being tortured, the movie used cut in action technique to present the questioning process and back. Jump cut is very common in the movie. Many parts of the movie are jumping to the questioning session and much further to when he was young. The L – cut editing is visible at the 24 minutes and 6 seconds when the video had already moved on but the voice was still of the current situation. The video was gone to the next scene but the person was still speaking at the session. At minute 42 there is a cutaway editing the kids rolled down from the trail but the transition brings up a different place. The director of the film used a range of editing techniques to make the movie discontinuous and proper exploit the fact that the movie is developed on flashbacks. The pivotal scene is the last scen...
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