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Juries are fooled by statistics Visual & Performing Arts Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


task: watching a short video and writing a review
the paper is about statistical errors and their impact on court trials


How Juries Are Fooled By Statistics
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How Juries Are Fooled By Statistics
Peter Donnelly speaks about how mistakes in interpretation of statistics can affect the outcome of court trials. The subject is powerfully introduced by sound and visual. The movie is also clear and objective. The quality of sound and visuals is high enough for the viewer to get all the facts. The presentation of facts is enhanced by the provision of background information, vivid examples and supporting data. This forms the basis for the speaker’s argument. The switching of scenes is also coherent and enhanced by visual aids. The content and the way it was represented equally resonate with the audience.
One of the most utilize elements in the movie is lighting. It is efficiently used to increase focus on the speaker and other important tools for the presentation. 

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