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The age of stupid; Analysis Visual & Performing Arts Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


the essay is about a film analysis,where a film that seeks to show how people indulge into the destruction of the environment is analysed.


The age of stupid; Analysis
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The age of stupid is a film that is imperative in the description of environmental issues, by taking the issues forward in time. The step is a good strategy that helps in attaching meaning to the changes that have happened between periods. This is essential as it seeks to address important aspects that regard the environment, it conservation, as well as degradation. According to Heller & Kaminstein (2005), “untamed technological development is destroying the natural environment; second, that relatively little collective action is being taken in American society to halt this degradation” (p.1) There have been climate disruption in years, and the film seeks to show what might actually happen if there is no environmental conservation. Directed by Franny Armstrong, the film is a masterpiece that compartmentalizes history, all in a bid to expose human folly when it comes to the environment. It is a film that is set to display the mistakes that have been done by human beings, which is to their destruction.

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