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An Analysis Of The Film "The History Of Cognitive Psychology" (Movie Review Sample)


analyze the history of cognitive psychology as explained in the video

The History of Cognitive Psychology Student’s Name University/College The History of Cognitive Psychology The film titled “the history of cognitive psychology” traces its way back to studying cognitive psychology. It commences with defining cognition and elaborates how individuals process stimuli that they pick up from the environment through their senses. The film progresses to analyze psychologists who played vital roles in the development of knowledge in the field of cognitive psychology. It further seeks to show how psychologists’ perceptions and arguments have significantly contributed to the field of psychology. Notably, each psychologist’s ideas are presented, and an analyzed differently to concur with those of other psychologists. Renowned psychologists whose publications are analyzed in the film include Skinner, Piaget, Maslow, Descartes, Wilhelm, Locke, Freud, and Carl Rogers among others. Besides, there is a reference to the...
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