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Portrayal of Gender in Children Entertainment Media Writing Assignment (Movie Review Sample)


Children Entertainment. The sample is an analysis of three children entertainment cartoons with respect to gender role.


Portrayal of Gender in Children Entertainment
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In Peppa Pig cartoon, the issue of gender is portrayed in clear terms. The family structure comprised of mother, father, and two children, a boy and girl starts the cartoon show. Moreover, the characters behave according to the societal preconceived gender roles. The mother is a housewife while the Daddy Pig is the sole breadwinner. In addition, Peppa Pig skin color is pink a common color that is associated with girls. However, Daddy Pig's refusal to wear the pink shirt enforces the idea that colors are segregated to genders and pink should be a girls color. Moreover, the cartoon tries to portray the female character as being strong. The mother pig takes criticism in a subtle manner and agrees to exercise to lose weight despite being given a small bicycle. In addition, she is able to perform manual chores more efficiently than Daddy Pig. She can hang a portrait way better and she also manages to defeat all the men at the fair. However, in general the cartoon is positive as it encourages children to take criticism in a positive manner. In addition, it shows the different activities that a family can decide to engage in together. The Peppa Pig family went together to the fair, played football, and also assisted in different house chores.
The second children entertainment is Phineas and Ferb. The gender roles portray the females as being controlled by emotions while the males are more creative. The sister of the main characters, Candace, is obsessed with the attention that she is receiving from her crush. In addition, Isabella also has a crush on Phineas, who is unaware of her feelings. This makes her to try to get his attention by asking them to include her in their activities. On the other hand, Phineas and Fern are more concerned with creativity rather than emotions. They are seen to build not only a rocket ship but also a giant roller coaster in their back yard. Moreover, the cartoon tries to empower the female gender by challenging the idea that they are helpless. When the group goes camping, Isabella and the Freebies girls take the lead role to set up the camp and make fire. Nevertheless, the cartoon focuses more on promoting the idea that the female gender is reserved, shy, and is not creative enough to actively participate in innovations. This is seen by the shy demeanor of Isabella and her friends who follow the boys around without providing meaningful contributions to their innovations. However, in general the cartoon is positive to young children it encourages them to be creative. Moreover, it promotes positive relationship when they are interacting with each other despite their different interests.
The last children's entertainment is Naruto. This cartoon is interesting as it challenges the stereotype that only men can be ninjas and engage in combat. However, it takes a downhill from this notion as it also ends up following the laid down gender roles in the society. Shopping is portrayed as a female activity. Tenten's male friends regard the activity of shopping as a "women's battle." In addition, females are more preoccupied ...
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