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Pilot Episode And Indicate Its Category Citing Specific Incidences (Movie Review Sample)


Watching persons of interest pilot episode and indicate its category citing specific incidences


Persons of Interest Film Review
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Persons of interest aired on CBS from September 22, 2011, to June 21, 2016. The series is a science fiction, crime, and drama presentation because of the following reasons as displayed on the pilot episode. The show is science fiction because, in the first and last conversation between the two compatriots, Finch informs John Reese that he has secretly developed a supercomputer system known as “The Machine.” The system does not exist in the real world, but the show informs that it is capable of collecting all sources of information to predict and identify people planning to commit a crime (Mittell, 2010). While walking in the park, Finch even tells Reese that the system has ten thousand eyes and listens with a million ears.
The crime part displays in the train incident, where some four rowdy young men rough up a dirty Reese (Mittell, 2010). He overpowers and beats them, while there was a surveillance camera that was recording the whole incident. Both men are arrested and taken into NYPD’s 8th precinct, where Reese meets detective Carter. Carter immediately recognizes that there is something special about him. The other incident that showcases that the show is a crime film is the courtroom incident. The pilot episode shows court proceedings about a murder case, where detective Fusco is testifying falsely against Lawrence Pope.
The episode also shows the activities carried out by gangs and criminal organizatio...
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