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127 Hours Movie Review: The Story of Aaron Ralston (Movie Review Sample)


the task was about watching a movie and thereafter writing a review about it


127 Hours Movie
127 Hours movie
127 Hours movie was founded on the story of Aaron Ralston. He fell from a crevasse while climbing in a desert of America. His arm was interlocked in between a big boulder and a canyon wall, catching him for five days. Lastly, he used a pocket knife to cut his forearm to escape.
The concept of cinematic language is the use of different methods, strategies, and skills used by the filmmaker to convey certain ideas to the audience. The style, atmosphere, and tone used in this concept attract listener’s empathy and emotion (Barsam & Monahan, 2012). The use of the concept also allows the mind of the audience to understand the film without many difficulties. In relation to 127 movies, Danny Boyle uses the cinematic technique to make the film quite dynamic. The concept is presented in the film where a single location and character is used, and act as a challenge to the filmmaker (Ralston & Smith, 2013).
Film-form concept helps to understand the kind of a relationship between form and content of the movie. Patterns are features of film work, which sought to explore the expectations and responses which are brought in the film (Barsam & Monahan, 2012). For example, in the movie, there is a pattern of events ranging from the challenges that actor faced in his journey, up to the end of the predicaments (Cohen, 2015).
The concept of verisimilitude about theater is used to mean the reality and truths exposed in the play are not true in real life. The film itself is for entertainment and educational purposes (Barsam & Monahan, 2012). For example, in 127 movies, the character is lost d...
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