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Film Music in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Movie Review Sample)


REVIEW ON Film Music in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl


Film Music in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
The movie ‘the curse of the Black Pearl’ is a fiction film that was produced in 2003. This movie saw the establishment of jack sparrow the principal character in the movie. This movie took the historical setting of colonialism and explained the adventure of rescue (MacDonald 56). The film talks about a quest where jack sparrow wants to form an act of revenge to a rival captain who had left him for dead. Jerry Bruckheimer produced the film, and the film director was Verbinski Gore. The two have worked consistently and made sure that the movie has been a success in the world. The movie curse of the black pearl had two music composers who were Hans Zimmer, who was the producer and Klaus Badelt, who was the composer. In this document, we are going to look at only two personalities that include the writer and the director in the play. These people are Verbinski Gore and Klaus. Klaus was of the German nationality and composer of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. He was born in 1968 in Frankfurt. He was an original music composer. His first works were in the film industry back at is original home ground. His work received admirable attention, and soon he became a super rising star. He contributed to some of the major Hollywood movies. His first work was when he made the movie ‘time machine’. Gore Verbinski is an American-based film director born in 1964 in USA Tennessee. He started his career as a guitar in a local band and also was a film actor in maker films he played with his friends (Parrill 111). He later developed his passion fin the film industry and this move made him sell his guitar and bought a camera. He then attended a prestigious filmmaking school and after graduating began by being a director in making music films. He then moved to the commercial advertisement. His biggest breakthrough was when he made the first commercial film Pirates of the Caribbean. The two individuals had the joint achievement that is that they have both been nominated for Oscar Awards. Verbinski Gore had won five award-winning services while Klaus had been chosen for one film. This move showed that both of them were hard working in their undertakings on the movie. Before the movie had been produced, Verbinski Gore had made a move to Hans Zimmer, who they had previously worked together with to provide the soundtrack for the film that was currently in the final stages of preparation. However, Zimmer declined to be of help since he was now making another movie their soundtrack and has promised that he would not dedicate any other time to this work (Parrill 66). He referred Verbinski Gore to Klaus Badelt, who was still on the growing side of the film music composer. The two then began working on the soundtracks of different scenes in the play. After making the soundtracks with a little help from Zimmer, the full movie was made. The result of the film showed the end tiresome result of the collaboration of the two. One of the many of the soundtracks were nominated in the various award winning ceremonies and won the awards. This proved the successful quest the two endeavoured.Background information on the film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was a movie that was released in 2003. The major theme that was used I this story was the theme of self-governance. The movie was historically created in a time where there were foreign rulings (MacDonald 122). Because of the thirst for conquest in the Oceans. Most of the geographical setting took place in the oceans. The director made sure that the high seas and the epic mystery twist was all over the scene.Source of the Plot The plot begins with a ship sailing in the seas while they are traveling they come across a broken ship parts that are burning and a young unconscious boy lying on the shore. By far the couples who were on the ship see the ghostly notorious ship of which was referred to as the black pearl sailing away. Later as the same lady who is referred to as Elizabeth is passing by the bay of the ocean, she falls the bay but Captain Jack Sparrow saves her. He is in Norrington trying to steal a ship. The husband mistakes this act as Jack trying to take from her wife. He orders the arrest. A small commotion is seen but eventually he is captured. This was the first plot. Analysing this first plot. The movie used imaginary where they have brought in the black pearl (Hall 66). This was the main protagonist in the play after they had taken away Jack Sparrows ship. They also exhibited this act when they decide to go after Elizabeth the lady who had taken part in saving a young boy's life. The second analysis begins with a curious situation where the crew of the Pearl want something from the royal palace. They decide to capture the governor’s daughter. While this is happening the principal actor Jack is in prison for his earlier actions of being mistaken for a thief. Will who is in love with Elizabeth whom the pearl had captured. Jack agrees to this act and goes to recruit new members who are to help him and after meeting they move on to follow the pearl. This part shows the part that brings together the characters of the story. This was after the capture of the governor’s daughter. This was the beginning of the play. The plot is seemed to be full of twists and full of action. The storyline was presented with the first few minutes storyline where the whole play with the ship Pearl and Jack come to a common interest (MacDonald 89). The original authors of the script were several in number. Tedd Elliot was one of the original script writers of the movies (Hall 23). He was elected to be one of the board members of the Guild of America. In 1986, they met with Rossio, who was also one of the members of the Guild of America. Together they wrote various scripts that have brought impact to the world. The scripts they wrote included Godzilla and The Mask of Zorro. This success led to the two script writer to be employed at DreamWorks, and it was in this place that they were able to produce one of the most successful scripts ‘Curse of ...
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