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Blackish Season 2 Episode 1: Explores the Life of Black Americans (Movie Review Sample)


I was supposed to write a movie review on the first episode of Blackish TV series. The sample analyzes the issue being solved by the episode.

Blackish is a TV show that explores the life of Black Americans more explicitly than ever. According to the shore, they are proud Americans but still value some things about African culture and would want to live that way. The show addresses concerns of the new black American culture that seems to erase the typical culture. When Johnson sets of a journey to be blackish, scenes start unfolding the life of black Americans in the US.
It focuses on a family with a white neighborhood. The mother and father of Johnson, both are Africans. The series is acted mainly in the house and work place. At home, the show assesses how much cultural destruction has taken place in the children and how the family relates. Their values, what affects them and how they Johnson works hard to make his family blackish. At the workplace and relationship with their neighbor shows how Johnson and his family relates with other cultures. The workplace features more talks and less drama. One of the heated talk at the board room was about whether Johnson should spank his child. Most of them agreed but admitted they cannot do it (Poniekewozik, 2014).
Johnson fears for his children. They are losing track of who they are. Junior for instance does not nod to other black American kids and he even wants to change his name to sound more American. Andre Johnson becomes very irritated by that and swears to change it. To the Africans Brotherhood is unquestionable. If you don’t act like a brother then nobody has any business with you. Johnson trains Junior to identify and nod to black students as a show of brother hood.
The show does not dwell on racism. It even shows that sometimes racism is something that people might believe is happening while not. It is shown by the way Johnson develops paranoia at the work place. He thinks that they are will award a white person a promotion. When he is given the promotion, he thinks that it was ridiculous and they...
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