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Analysis of the movie ‘'Freedom Writers'' the implications of social issues and gender sensitivity (Movie Review Sample)

In analysis of the movie ‘'Freedom Writers'' WHAT ARE the implications of social issues, learning and gender sensitivity source..
In analysis of the movie ‘’Freedom Writers’’ the implications of social issues, learning and gender sensitivity guided me to opting a psychological perspective in understanding the film. The themes in the film reflect real life scenarios in society which are simply mirrored in works of art literature. The main interests in the exploration of the main themes if the film is solely to appreciate how learning and interaction with different cultural environments informs social behaviour. This is critical since the society has ideals and stereotypes that compromise collective learning especially self-awareness and understanding of other cultures (McLeod, 2011). The movie “Freedom Writers” has a balanced concept from a true story. Hilary Swank as Erin Gruwell plays the role of an inspirational teacher at Wilson High School. Her class is made up of different races and groups--African Americans, Latin, Asians, gang members, and students from poor families. On the first day of teaching she is very uncertain and intimidated, but feels the need to stop the racism in the class as well as their attitude of her students towards life in general. Despite the great struggle to communicate with her students and lack of interest to participate during class, Erin finds interesting means to communicate her message to the students. A racially motivated group of criminals –shooting-witnessed by a Latina gang member in Erin’s class, and an unfriendly racial cartoon that Erin identifies during class, shape her awareness and her relationship with the teaching environment. These events spark a transformation in the classroom, and new engagements happen as the relation to the issues relevant to the lives on the streets come to light. Erin begins to connect with them. When brings in music which those kids relate to and literature like The Diary of Anne Frank, and among other tools she invites her children to the experience the context of suffering throughout the world and the struggles of those outside their own communities (McLeod, 2011). Gruwell eventually comes bottom down-close- the students write down their experiences and feelings. This strategy really make the students connect with each other and provide an outlet for them as well. The rest of the movie depicts Gruwell teaching the students through the rest of years in high school and encouraging other people to interact with her students. Gruwell then takes all the entries and compiles them and names it "The Freedom Writers Diary". The conclusion of the movie ends with a reassuring note saying that Gruwell was successful in bringing students to graduation and lead them to higher institutions of learning (McLeod, 2011). In social learning theory the outcomes of this film are evident. According to Bandura the key tenet of social learning is that a behaviour is learned by observation. Thus, Gruwell, undergoes experiences that challenge her awareness of the issues of concern to her students and learns the gap between them and school. Through this realization, she actually learn self-awareness by identifying with her students. In fact, she has a positive and presumptive attitude when embarks on teaching which eventually translates to q frustration at first before learning the environment and the racial factor that the students have to grapple with. In real life scenarios, people experience cultural shock...
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