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Up-The Movie Summary Assignment of First 10 Minutes (Movie Review Sample)

Up-The Movie Summary of First 10 Minutes
The movie opens with newsreel footage being played in a theater. A boy in the audience, Carl, is watching the footage with wide-eyed wonder as the footage tells us about Charles Muntz, an adventuring pilot who director Doctor has previously likened to Charles Lindbergh and Howard Hughes. Muntz journeyed to a place called Paradise Falls in South America using his aircraft, The Spirit of Adventure. He brought back the skeleton of a monster but when scientists examined it, they concluded that he had fabricated the creature (and potentially his successful trip to Paradise Falls). Incensed, Muntz declared that he would capture the beast alive and bring it back to prove his credibility.
The newsreel footage ends and the boy leaves the theater elated, biking with his flight goggles on and his balloon which is prominently labeled "The Spirit of Adventure." On the way home, he hears noises from a girl coming from a house nearby. He goes inside to see that the girl, Ellie, has assembled up several rooms of the house to appear like The Spirit of Adventure, and is playfully imagining her own journey. Ellie is an extrovert she is social, while Carl seems almost painfully shy. Ellie welcomes Carl into her "club," but a mishap with Carl’s balloon sends him to the hospital. Later, visiting Carl in his home while he’s bedridden, Ellie shows him her personal secret, "My Adventure Book," a handmade book with a huge blank section titled "Things I’m Going To Do." More than anything, Ellie wants to visit Paradise Falls one day. Ellie leaves, having talked Carl’s ear off, saying "You know, you don’t talk very much. I like you.”
The two fall in love and get married. Then the movie plays the story of carl and Ellie’s life. Old-timey music plays in the background...
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