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Film Blog Literature & Language Movie Review Essay (Movie Review Sample)


TO CRITIC “The Blind Site” film.


Film Blog
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Film Blog
Watching the film “Blind Site” reminded me when I would watch my favorite football team. When things go well, I would be up cheering; when they don’t, I will curse. The movie reminds me of one thing that I find ingrained as a rule in basketball – it is how you play the game that counts. Based on the true story of Baltimore, the scenes in “The Blind Site” open with Ravens tackling Michael Oher. The cast includes Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron, and Tim McGraw. John Lee Hancock directed the film. Starring in the movie is Sanda Bullocks, who acts as Leigh Anne Tuohy. As I watched the film, the almost angelic action of Tuohy almost sent me giving an uproar and thumbs up for the perfect spit-fire-role that Hollywood gave to Bullocks.
Shot in an affluent family obsessed with football, the “Blind Site” is a comedy-drama that depicts a homeless teen that is adopted by a wealthy family and is mentored to become a formidable footballer. The film is based on Michael Lewis's book, “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game” (Scott, 2009). Michael Oher was a street child until he found the Tuohy family – affluent, warm-hearted members who are serious lovers of football. As the film progresses, Michael grows into a mature athlete. As a result, sportsmen, fans, and the NFL are all speculative that Michael would become one of the most impressive football performers in America (Sandhu, 2010).

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