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Leadership analysis of the GodFather Film. Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


The assignment required students to analyse leadership traits potrayed in godfather film


Leadership Analysis of the Godfather Film
Leadership Analysis of the Godfather Film
The Godfather is an American film that focusses on the Corleone family from the leadership of Vito Corleone to his son Michael Corleone. Its producer,  Albert S. Ruddy, based the story on  Mario Puzo's novel, The Godfather. It brings out immense leadership traits that are essential.
First and foremost, it highlights the importance of leaders' bravery since it is the backbone of leadership (Lee, 2006). Michael makes a brave decision to get out of his father's house and start college. He later joins the military and become a war hero before returning to Dutch Mouth College. On the other hand, Fred is still there laboring as a low-level worker at his father's home. Later, Michael, who is courageous, chases the assassinators who attempted to murder his father. The bravery of Michael makes him emerge as the leader, instead of Fredo, who is the oldest. Leaders should be bold enough to handle decisions about the organization.
The essence of leadership entails the capacity to have managerial knowledge (Vera, 2004). Vito Corleone is offered a lucrative business opportunity to indulge in drug activities. However, he doesn't allow himself to be blinded by money despite how profitable the investments seem to be. On the contrary, he looks at the future and analyses the impact the business will have on his relationship with the police. Without wisdom, Corleone would have destroyed everything.

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