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A Movie Review Assignment Of Little Nine Rock Movie (Movie Review Sample)


a movie review of little nine rock movie

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‘Little Rock Nine Movie’
This is a very great and educative movie that shows how discrimination occurred in Little Rock school during the period of 1957. It is about nine black students in Little Rock who managed to fight for their rights and were given an opportunity to go to Central High. There was racial discrimination and inequality against the blacks. The white students treated the blacks with disrespect, called them all sorts of names and violence was a daily activity. There came a crucial time when the blacks were not allowed to enter the school gate and only the white could go to class. Fortunately, they were allowed to enter through the back door. This brought about a lot of chaos and violence within the school. From the next day, each black student had a bodyguard to escort them to class, for protection against violence from the white. Even so, racial discrimination still continued. It was just the beginning of hostility and war. It reached a point when the blacks had to fight for their freedom. Freedom of expression and equality in education. They were tired of the tormenting and harassing in school as well as homes. When this civil rights movement took place, it was the time that blacks became true American citizens.
This movie is historically accurate. For starters, it talks about the struggles of the black Americans trying to gain their liberties and freedom. The struggle against racial discrimination and equality in everywhere; be it in school, church, work or in the streets. It was decades ago that the fight for equality was very strong. Moreover, the film color and theme display the era in which the film was shot, indicating that this is in the past and fits the history class. This film is educative. It displays how the formation of civil rights movements in the past has brought about a much peaceful world today. It displays the struggles...
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