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A Review Of Seven Different Movies: Summary Of The Events In Movies (Movie Review Sample)


The paper was a review of seven different movies.The essay gives a summary of the events in the movies.


Wild by Law
Three pioneers fought for their country in 1964 to restore safety and preservation. An environmentalist, philosopher, and a forest ranger joined hands and committed themselves to protecting and saving the wilderness. Aldo Leopold the philosopher, Bob marshal the environmentalists and Howard Zahniser the forest ranger involved themselves in activities that stopped the construction of cities and River dams to conserve the forest. They believed that for a man to survive he requires a well-balanced environment with wild animals, vegetation and natural flowing water like rivers.
The work led to the conception of the Wilderness Act of 1964 which was passed by Johnson. Leopold, the philosopher, used to hunt Wolves and he came to realize that he had caused an imbalance in the ecosystem when he realized the animals that the wolves hunted were more than the wolves he killed. Marshal loved the environment so much that he had built a reservation where he and his family lived. He had taken measures to conserve the environment as he tried to restore nature. Marshal had taken an initiative of saving the environment as no one else could understand his visions. Zahniser the forest ranger did not know the other two men, but he contributed significantly to the Wilderness Act. Zahniser contributed greatly by writing the Act and pushing forward the legal description of the Act. The forest ranger though he did not know the other two men he used their experiences to promote the Act.
The efforts of these three men have considerably helped America to conserve 9.1 million acres of protected land from illegal extortion a law which was signed 50 years.
Krakauer, J. (2007). Wild by law. London: Pan Books.
Insects as a food source
Insects are known for their high conservation rate of food. They contain high quality of vitamins, proteins, and amino acid which are suitable for human consumption. Insects like crickets require little food, but they produce the same amount of proteins as castles and broiler chickens. They emit less ammonia and other greenhouse gasses than the cattle. The insect can supply proteins not as much as castles but can provide enough proteins for human consumption either directly through direct consumption or indirectly through the insect protein extraction process. Insects’ proteins can also be mixed with animal feed to provide proteins to livestock.
Food reserves have drastically reduced due to the increase in population around the world. The United Nation is formulating on ways to increase food by 9 billion by the year 2050.The demand of food is said to increase due to the climate changes, continuous increase in population and reduced productivity of the fertile lands. The United nation is looking for ways to increase the availability of food and on the possible solution has presented itself. Insects as much as we step on them or kill them they have numerous characteristics that make them an attractive source of nutrition. Research has indicated that insects can sustain the human race if extreme poverty and hunger strikes. Some of the areas affected by poverty and drought can be supported by eating the insects.
According to insects contain fats especially the house cricket which can help in the supply of calories to the bodies especially in places that are famine stricken. Insects are cold blooded hence they require less energy to sustain their body temperature hence they can be produced more sustainable in a small ecological footprint than cattle and other livestock. Due to the increase in population and unpredictable climate we should consider adapting eating insects rather than livestock.
Parikka, J. (2010). Insect Media: Insects as a food source
Remnants of Eden
Long ago, according to history, the first human beings on planet earth lived in a beautiful garden surrounded by trees and fruits. Decades later some human population is still living like the old days. The human population is expanding, and soon we might be forced to move into the tropical forest, deserts, game parks and the national park. Such changes might endanger the living organism living there hence there need to protect nature.
Human population is slowing increasing. Soon the world will become overpopulated and more land will be required. The human population will be forced in move into the forest and grassland for settlement. Several projects have been enacted in places like Costa Rica tropical forests, Kenya’s savannah grasslands game pack, Everglades in Florida USA, Thailand’s tropical forests and also in Oman’s deserts. The hot deserts which have been unoccupied for such a long time will be invaded by the humans in pursuit of a place to call home. The national parks and game reserves which have been reserved for wild animals will soon be grabbed by the human population.
The humans will have to respect the wildlife we are invading their territory. Poachers will take advantage of the situation and endanger the wildlife. The invasion of this wildlife territory will force us to enact rules and regulation of living in the reserved lands. Adam and Eve lived in the same garden as other wild animals, and they respected the wild animals. Human beings should follow the steps of the first people on planet earth. Nature...
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