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Save The Last Dance: Gender Inequality A Society Problem? (Movie Review Sample)


a movie review, the movie; save the last dance


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Movie chosen
Save the last dance, a movie that highlights the problems faced by interracial couples, moreover, it does highlight personal struggles of a people living in an inner-city environment. This movie also highlights many societal problems including gender imbalance, racial profiling, and cultural problems among others.
Focus of the movie
The movie focuses on Sara, a young lady who after the sudden death of her mother is forced to move from a small town in the Midwestern region into the Southside of Chicago. In Chicago, she lives with her father and soon falls for a young African American teenager called Derek. Together they are faced with a multitude of societal problems that many interracial couples face, however, they also share a common passion for dancing, ballet and hip hop dancing. In their respective arts, they push each other to rise above their individual struggles, where, Sara overcomes grief and regret from the death of her mother. While Derek is also forced to shove his thug pal Malakai and instead pursues medical school in George Town.
Nevertheless, save the last dance highlights urban issues like the need of strong and responsible African-American men in an inner-city society. Moreover, it focuses on the life of Sara, a heartbroken child who is forced to live with an unreliable and unsupportive father. Furthermore, Derek is showcased as a hero who has great ambitions through his studies and hard work. However, this movie also shows that without exemplary academics skills or talent success in the ghetto is nothing but a mere dream (Lindy Keffer, 2016).
Gender inequality
From the get goes, the movie fails to focus on the homogeneity between the characters and instead highlights the major differences between gender, especially the stereotypes that exist between urban black males and suburban white females. Women are shown to be submissive and controlled by their male counterparts, for instance, their clothing is set as so to visualize and represent this fact, baggy clothes for the male and tight fitting clothes for the female characters. This difference showcases the gender difference by highlighting the ultimate power held by the men. Moreover, most of the dancing depicted in the movie are sexual in nature (dirty) a concept that alludes to hypersexuality and the powerless nature of women (Theresa Dickson, 2012).
Impact on the affected
Since the society already perceives women as inferior they are forced to work harder than man to achieve the same status as them. While hip hop does allow women to freely express themselves they are stigmatized and objectified by their male counterparts. Moreover, in an attempt to negotiate the male dominance, women embrace their dance by grinding and gyrating on the male. Furthermore, they embrace their sexuality and in some instances try to use the male as accessories for dance. Therefore, the problems of gender inequality have forced women to adapt to the society in order to counteract the male dominance.
Gender inequality a society problem?
The characters in the movie fail to identify and interpret their roles, instead of the movie showcases the stereotypical ideologies of ge...
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