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The play, Oedipus the King (Movie Review Sample)

MOVIE REVIEW ON THE PLAY, Oedipus the King source..
The play, Oedipus the King Name Institution Feminist theory refers to the methods through which ideologies and various set of principles are used in undermining the social, political, economic and oppression of women in psychologically. Regarding the play, Oedipus the King, there are several instances and an array of the turn of events that prove out depict this theory (Oedipus the King: Theme Analysis, 2017). First, in the case where Jocasta had been allowed to make utterances against the various acts of men around her, or she was never socialized to undermine her feelings at the expense of making her husband so upset about it. The king would have undergone through severe suffering followed by painful consequences. In the other parts of the play women are considered to be minor characters, fate might have taken the course but it would turn out to be less devastating at the end considering the turn of events in the play that turns out to be an unhappy ending. In other parts of the game, the newborn baby that Jocasta had was taken away after three days, but she remains submissive to the king. The play vividly describes that females are supposed to stay passive as the king married her mother who was the queen then. The mother had no option since they are deemed to make no decisions regarding various social issues such as marriage, while in the play, the king plays several roles women are subjected to substitution characters like in the case where the mother is substituted to a wife and by then she was the queen. In the play, women are not categorized by gender alone, but they have also been criticized regarding other functions in the society. The Greek literature has been able to do a lot in raising such issues in the sense that women have different concerns. Racism is described to as the act of discriminating an individual or causing prejudice to a particular race or ethnic group. Such practice justifies that human can be subdivided into groups regarding their ethnicity background. At first, Oedipus the King comes out as a hero who appears to be a courageous character as seen during the situation that alluded during the beginning of the play where he solves out the sphinx’s riddle, and he is not a native Theban (Parker, villenas & Deyhle, 1999). He goes ahead and makes an answer irrespective of the threats that one who as not to crack out would be killed. The king freed the people from the Sphinx, went to Thebes and cut them from the bloody tribute who paid the harsh, brutal singer. Postcolonialism theory ...
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