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Movie Review Assignment Paper: The Grease Movie (Movie Review Sample)


In this paper, the task was to write a movie review of the late ‘70s film Grease. This sample is therefore a movie review of this movie.

Movie review: The Grease movie
Course title:
Movie review: The Grease movie
The film Grease is a late ‘70s celebration of nostalgia for the ‘50s. It is an invaluable musical that contains an important cultural icon: the dancing and singing performance of John Travolta. Greaser Danny and good girl Sandy fell in love during summer and parted ways forever when summer ended. However, they unexpectedly find out they are currently learning in the same school, Rydell High. Sandy hangs together with ladies who wear pink, while Danny leads a grouping of black-jacket greasers known as T-Birds.
Grease has an evident cultural and social resonance. The film, which is set in Southern California, recreates a ‘50s which largely exists in idyllic memory (Ebert, 2009). There are school dances, malt shops, hot rods, songs from the original Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs musical, as well as new songs that fit the film characters. The film is worth to be seen for nostalgia. Grease film shows how romance and breaking up can be matters of life and death for teens. It also shows that a crisis of self-esteem could actually be a crushing burden. The film captures all that high school is about and although its setting is the 1950s, it resonates even for the young generation of today.
The film handles very real topics which the young generation can resonate with such as peer pressure, gang violence, teenage pregnancy, social status, as well as academic achievement or its lack; all these topics are mentioned in the movi...
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