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Gene Sprague Suicide Movie Review Writing Assignment (Movie Review Sample)


Watch the documentary on gene sprague and answer a number of questions


Gene Sprague Suicide
Gene Sprague Suicide
Empathize is gained after a very small step but still people end up committing suicide. Gene Sprague was among the 23 deaths that were filmed on camera by Erick Steel (Arnold, 2001). Gene was seen as a disturbed man who went through a lot in his life after losing her mother, who died after a long battle with cancer. From the video footage we can see Gene contemplating about his next course of action for about 90 minutes (Halgin et al, 2004). The film maker has been criticized for romanticizing suicide and giving other people new ideas of participating in the act. Gene story affects most of his family members and friends who up to date do not understand the reason why he took his life.
Gene vividly indicated his intentions to commit suicide by mentioning several times taking that route for him to be at peace. His friend Dave Williams mentioned about this several times and through support and encouragement he often tried to get the thoughts out of him (Arnold, 2001). He said his friend was consumed by thoughts by thoughts of suicide that seemed like the last and best resolution to him.
Part from mentioning about suicide several times Gene Sprague have tried to commit suicide a number of times (Arnold, 2001). He had threatened to kill sometime back that why Matt and Jenn Rossi sent him bus ticket money to bring him back to California. They housed him for several days, took him to a number of job interviews and monitored his behavior for a number of days until he appeared to be up on his feet again. Gene threats to suicide had constantly made his close friends and family members live in fear about what will be his next step. Carolyn Pressley says that even though he misses Gene she feels a slight relief because she won’t be suffering anymore for Gene’s troubles.
Gene Sprague was completely hopeless and depressed. This situation was worsened by the death of her mother who was suffering from cancer (Arnold, 2001). According to some of his friends he was extremely consumed by his failed relationship with women and this made him hopeless, seeing himself as a failure. Apart from relationships we can also read from his biographical synopsis is that he was looking for a job to cater for his bills and finance his lifestyle but his efforts bore no fruit (Halgin et al, 2004). This predicament increased his level of depression, hopeless and didn’t see the meaning of life.
Gene had an active suicidal ideation, whereby he had thought of ending her life and severally planned to execute the plan (Halgin et al, 2004). Majorly from the documentary his family and friends talk about a number of symptoms that he possessed that indicated that Sprague had thoughts to commit suicide. According to his friend Carolyn, Gene appeared hopeless and trapped, his mind was preoccupied by death thoughts and he had a heightened anxiety state which clearly indicates that these symptoms clearly describe a person with suicidal ideations (Arnold, 2001). Furthermore Gene was described as intense his family and friends which means that he was paranoid and easy to provoke which in deeper meaning portrays him as a person filled with suicidal ideation. Lastly from psychological point of view the environment that one lives in may propel suicidal ideation to a higher level. Gene was bombard with continuous negative life events and experiences which he sees as to hard to cope with and therefore opting for suicide as his final resolution (Arnold, 2001). Additionally, people who are exposed to others whose death are suicide based tend to be at a high risk of committing the same by creating suicidal ideation as well.
Gene behaviors change, according to his friends he became fond of saying things like, ‘I am going to shoot myself’, ‘finally I have to end it all’ among others which indicated that he Gene was mentally disturbed (Halgin et al, 2004). Months before his suicide Gene had excuses for everything, he had no motivation or desire goes out and look for a job and this placed his friends on a dilemma (Arnold, 2001). He became more frustrated, more depressed and suicidal messages were a norm to him. He as well become reserved and shared little on what was going on with his life, he segregated himself and did most things on his own.
Gene had several risk suicidal factors which included; loss of his mother, hopelessness, previous suicidal attempts, isolation, and lack of will to seek for help (Halgin et al, 2004). Loss of his mother came a blow to his life this was evident where his friends say that the loss prompted him to anger and even made him utter suicidal messages such as, ‘finally I have to end it all’. Her mother seemed like his only hope left in this world, she used to give him a shoulder to lean on when he was in trouble. Gene was also hopeless and this was worsened by the fact that he was an introvert therefore minding his own business most of the time. His frequent attempt to suicide was also a risk suicidal factor since most of his family members didn’t know when...
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