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Movie Review: Dead Man Standing. Social Sciences. Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Movie Review: Dead Man Standing


Movie Review: Dead Man Standing
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Movie Review: Dead Man Standing
The death penalty as a punishment for severe crime has always presented an endless debate based on its permissibility. Previously, this punishment method was not considered to be a big deal since criminals were being killed occasionally through crude ways such as hanging. However currently, "humane" ways of death have been formulated thanks to technology and an advanced healthcare sector. Current approaches include lethal injection; which is the main way of administering the penalty. The film "Dead Man Walking" presents an in-depth analysis of the morality of the death sentence. This movie is set in Louisiana, a state next to Texas (state where the death penalty is permissible and it. Primarily, it sets to investigate the morality in death penalties since there is a court decision to be made on a murder case that primarily has two possible outcomes: death sentence or no death sentence.
Tim Robbin’s position on the morality of death penalties is not clearly presented at the beginning of the movie, thus the audience is not aware of his view. Through his actions, he effectively portrays the superiority of both stands: that the death penalty is moral and that the death penalty is immoral. Director Tim Robbin presents the main character, Sister Helen Prejean as a likable person. 

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